About Us

Foreign Company

  • Array-KY
    • Network Functions Platform

      The first foreign company IPO in Taiwan

  • KinoBiotech-KY
    • Beauty and healthcare drinks

      The first function drinks firm IPO in Taiwan

  • FocalTech-KY
    • Fabless semiconductor

      Touch IC manufacturers

  • ThaiKin-KY
    • Furniture casting

      The only Thailand firm IPO in Taiwan in 2019

  • Fulin-KY
    • PVC sponge leather, casting leather, raincoat, overlay, PU leather, etc.

      The only Vietnam firm IPO in Taiwan in 2018

  • Concraft-KY
    • Electronic receiver & speaker components and connector

      CTBC Mandated IPOThe first company issued CB via auction structure in Taiwan

Taiwanese Company

  • Chunghwa Telecom
    • Raised TWD $130.4 billion.2000 listed on TWSE.

      The biggest telecommunication firm in Taiwan.

  • China Steel
    • 1992 listed on TWSE.

      Released 509.5 million shares.

      The biggest steel company in Taiwan.

  • President Chain Store
    • Raised TWD $2.6 billion.

      1997 listed on TWSE.

      The biggest convenient store franchise in Taiwan .(More than 4,800 stores)

  • UMC
    • Raised TWD $2.5 billion.

      1985 listed on TWSE.

      The leader of global semiconductor foundry.

  • ACER
    • Raised TWD $584 million.

      1996 listed on TWSE.

      World’s primary PC provider.

  • Chunghwa Precision Test
    • Raised TWD $1.2 billion.

      2016 listed on TPEx.Subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom.

      Probe PCB for wafer test.

  • Lintes
    • High-speed communication connectivity

      Lotes’ subsidiary

      Technology Enterprise

  • Keding
    • Prefinished wood veneered panels.

      Leader of wood veneered panels manufacture firm

  • RichWave
    • RF IC for wireless networks, wireless video and mobile communications

      Technology Enterprise

  • Gomaji
    • O2O Groupon and online travel agent

      Pioneer of service industry e-commerce The first O2O business company IPO in Taiwan

  • PiLi
    • TV shows, sound track, and movies

      The first culture industry company IPO in Taiwan

  • Caesar
    • All kind of sanitary products

      Leader of sanitary manufacture firm